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The kitten were born at October 4th 2006

1x red-shaded-cameo female
1x blue-cream-smoke female
1x tortie-smoke female

The parents are

Highspot Tigerlily

PKD DNA negative

GCCF Champion/ WACC Champion
Silverdance Amadeus

PKD DNA negative parents/ Laboklin Germany


Danmoso Love Inthemist


7 weeks old


7 weeks old

Danmoso Love Ontherocks


Best of Breed
1. place kitten

January 13th 2007
North Somerset - West Country Cat Club


7 weeks old

7 weeks old

Danmoso Love Atfirstsight

staying in the cattery

3 weeks 5 days old

Danmoso Love Inthemist (blue-cream-smoke)
 Danmoso Love Ontherocks (tortie-smoke)

3 weeks 5 days old

Danmoso Love Ontherocks (tortie-smoke)
 Danmoso Love Atfirstsight (red-shaded)


The pedigree don´t include:
 White breed numbers 2 and 2b,
any Colourpoint, Tabby, Bicolour, Tortie & White (dominant or dilute),
Chinchilla, Shaded Silver or Golden.



Only in a small Cattery without cages or simply to loving. 



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For sale - This kitten is to be sold.

Reserved - We have an interested buyer for this kitten

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Sale Pending - A pre-payments was carried out.

The Kitten is for the buyer reserved to we

kept the complete sum.

Pre-payments are not back refunded.

Sold - The Kitten is paid completely.



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