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My name is Julie Wilkinson and I live with my cats in Fareham / Hampshire in United Kingdom. I started to be owned by cats when I was 21 years old. Daniel was my first cat a bi-colour cat, but I haven´t show him. With Sophie, a pewter persian, I begun to drive to show. Isla, tortie-smoke persian, I got at 12 weeks old she is a huge character and loves shows and attention. Lucille, tortie-shaded persian, followed but she is very small and very nervous. Izzy, my red-mackerel-tabby exotic shorthair, is my fun cat, very very full of life and desperate for a big friend to play with him.Tigerlily, tortie-shaded persian, is my baby of my family but she shows nodesire to became a mum. But now I hope Amadeus, a cream-smoke persian, from Germany will change met!

My husband, Darran, is very good with me cats and encourages my showing and judging. We live in a house with nice size safe garden met me cats use when I watch them. My cats live indoors with no cages and are not allowed to roam or leave the garden.


Our cats are our children, and are thus very much spoiled. Who can contradict these large rolling eyes.
They become regular deworming, against be vaccinated: Feline Infectious Enteritis, Infectious Respiratory Diseases, Rabies and Feline Leukemia (FeLV).



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